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Training and Learning Center

Educational Resources

Many of the training sessions offered are geared toward professional audiences involved in site cleanup. While some courses are open to the public as part of a broad spectrum of environmental education, many training opportunities are reserved specifically for federal and state regulators.

Training Catalog

Online Repository of Training Opportunities Exit EPA

In partnership with the several other entities, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides a range of training information delivered by different methods (e.g. webcasts, classroom, video, self-directed) to EPA, other federal agency, state, tribal, and local staff involved in hazardous waste management and remediation.

Live Internet-based Seminars

EPA and other partners offer free live internet seminars Exit EPA. Weekly seminars focus on remediation and characterization tools and policies for environmental professionals and regulators.

Classroom/In-Person Training

Many classroom based courses Exit EPA are taught by the EPA and other partners throughout the US.

Self-Directed Distance Training

EPA offers free archived versions of previous live internet seminars. Exit EPA

Furthermore there are many self-directed online courses Exit EPA provided by the EPA and other entities free as well as CD-rom based courses Exit EPA available to order online.


EPA offers a number of videos Exit EPA that can be viewed online. Additional videos can be order online directly from the Environmental Response Training Program (ERTP) Exit EPA.

Video-by-mail based courses Exit EPA are provided by the EPA and other entities on a select number of topics.


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