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Fuels and Fuel Additives

Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) Reporting Forms

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Effective December 1, 2011, EPA will no longer accept paper bubble forms for the Reformulated Gasoline (RFG) & Anti-dumping program. Starting with fourth quarter and annual reports due February 28, 2012, only electronic forms may be submitted to EPA. Additionally, all resubmissions after December 1, 2011 must be submitted using electronic forms.

Producers and importers of reformulated gasoline (RBOB or Reformulated Gasoline Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending), conventional gasoline, or applicable blendstocks must fill out and submit these forms to EPA. Some of these forms must be submitted quarterly while others must be submitted annually. See form instructions and/or regulatory references for appropriate submission schedules.

Some of these forms serve programs other than RFG and Anti-dumping. The batch report forms (GSF0401) have been modified to accommodate some requirements of Tier 2 Gasoline Sulfur reporting (40 CFR 80 Subpart H).

Complex Model: (9K ZIP WK3) Computer model used to determine whether gasoline complies with RFG and anti-dumping emissions performance standards.

Reformulated Gasoline and Anti-dumping Reporting Forms

Form Number & Title Instructions (Electronic) Forms (Electronic)
3520-20A: Fuels Programs Company/Entity Registration Form    
3520-20B: Gasoline Programs Facility Registration    
3520-20B1: Diesel Programs Facility Registration Form    
3520-20C (RFG0302): Reformulated Gasoline and Anti-Dumping Batch Report RFG0302 – electronic instructions (PDF) (7 pp, 105K, June 2015) Unified Report Form (XLS) (120K, July 2015)
3520-20D (RFG0400): Reformulated Gasoline and Anti-Dumping Quarterly Summary RFG0400 – electronic instructions (PDF) (2 pp, 23K, September 22, 2008)
3520-20E (RFG0500): Reformulated Gasoline and Anti-dumping Annual Compliance Designation RFG0500 – electronic instructions (PDF) (2 pp, 20K, September 22, 2008)
3520-20F: Reformulated Gasoline and Anti-dumping Report for Batches containing Previously Certified Gasoline
3520-20H (RFG0800): Anti-Dumping Program Annual Report RFG0800 – electronic instructions (PDF) (2 pp, 11K, September 22, 2008)
3520-20I (RFG0900): Reformulated Gasoline Toxics Emissions Performance Averaging Report RFG0900 – electronic instructions (PDF) (2 pp, 8K, September 22, 2008)
3520-20J (RFG1000): Reformulated Gasoline Program Benzene Content Averaging Report RFG1000 – electronic instructions (PDF) (3 pp, 9K, September 22, 2008)
3520-20L (RFG1200): Reformulated Gasoline Program NOx Emissions Performance Averaging Report (Complex Model) RFG1200 – electronic instructions (PDF) (3 pp, 9K, September 22, 2008)
3520-20M (RFG1300): Reformulated Gasoline Program VOC Emissions Performance Averaging Report RFG1300 – electronic instructions (PDF) (4 pp, 8K, September 22, 2008)
3520-20N (RFG1400): Reformulated Gasoline Program Averaging Areas Report RFG1400 – electronic instructions (PDF) (2 pp, 8K, September 22, 2008) NA
Use with REFGAS form 3520-20N: Covered Areas Code list needed for RFG Averaging Areas reporting (PDF) (1 pg, 68K) (Updated February 2003)
3520-20P (RFG1600): Reformulated Gasoline Program Credit Transfer Report (Complex Model) RFG1600– electronic instructions (PDF) (2 pp, 9K, September 22, 2008) Unified Report Form (XLS) (120K, July 2015)
3520-20Q (RFG1700): Reformulated Gasoline Program Oxygen Content Averaging Report (Complex Model) RFG1700 – electronic instructions (PDF) (2 pp, 11K, September 22, 2008)
RFG1800 - Pentane and Butane Batches Blended with Reformulated Gasoline and Conventional Gasoline RFG1800 – electronic instructions (PDF) (4 pp, 211K, July 28, 2015)
RFG1900 - Additional Annual Reporting Requirements for Refiners that Blend Butane or Pentane RFG1900 – electronic instructions (PDF) (4 pp, 211K, July 28, 2015)
RFG2000: RFG & Anti-Dumping Annual Benzene Report (MSAT-2) RFG2000 – electronic instructions (PDF) (2 pp, 83K, February 18, 2008)
RFG2200: MSAT2 Credit Transfer Report (MSAT-2) RFG2200 - electronic instructions (PDF) (3 pp, 92K, April 27, 2011)
RFG2500: MSAT-2 Precompliance Report (MSAT-2) RFG2500 – electronic instructions (PDF) (7 pp, 92K, April 16, 2008)
RFG2600 - Reporting Requirements for Producers and Importers of Pentane for Use by Pentane Blenders RFG2600 – electronic instructions (PDF) (4 pp, 211K, July 28, 2015)
Gasoline Sulfur and Benzene Batch Report (Tier 2 Gasoline Sulfur and MSAT-2) GSF0401 - electronic Instructions (PDF) (3 pp, 35K, November 8, 2010)

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Miscellaneous Forms

Instructions Forms
3520-27: Load Port/Port of Entry Independent Sampling, Testing and Refinery/Importer Identification Form (PDF) (5 pp, 16K) Form 3520-27 (PDF) (1 pg, 15K)

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